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The state-capture website aims to describe and summon the various forms of displacement of goods that occur consciously and in an organized manner in society. Its purpose is not to replace state structures and institutions in their fight against organized crime, but rather to raise awareness of the injustice in the distribution of cash and material flows and resources. This is important not in terms of self-directed, better material well-being, but in order to achieve an individual’s awareness of his or her’s choice and the fact that there is a freedom of development, thus there is a possibility of rejecting the economic enslavement – a consequence of greed, despair, and fear – the fundamental drivers of phenomena such as consumerism and organized crime.

In order to bypass the negative, disruptive emotions, the site will focus not so much on the various forms of robbery per se, but on the positive practices of overcoming them in Bulgaria and around the world. In addition to the section on Alternative Economic Theory and Practice, we will also offer a map of conflicts and good examples, with active communities and groups working on overcoming problems and on economic alternatives important for compensating the shortcomings of the modern neoliberal economy. The link section will play a similar role.

To socialize and overcome fear and lack of faith in the possibilities for change, we will also provide a Facebook page on the site where people will have access to up-to-date information and will be able to comment on various publications. On social networks and on the homepage, we will be announcing events where activists, experts, and interested citizens will be able to meet live to educate and discuss various topics and plan joint actions.

Ecclesiastes 1:18, “For in much wisdom there is much sorrow; and he who accumulates knowledge accumulates sorrow. “

Successful campaigns are not achieved with encyclopedia knowledge. The purpose of the site is not to train expert economists, but to support active citizens with critical thinking skills.

And to reinforce the knowledge that moral behavior, a strong value system, and a sustainable lifestyle that protect nature and leads to social and economic justice are necessary and achievable aims.

An additional purpose of the site is to change the socio-psychological attitude of the people, which allows tacit consent with the crimes of state capture.