Modern slavery and over-concentration of resources

Modern enslavement is a deliberate process of seizing the resources of the majority by the elites through the mechanisms of globalization and change of values ​​(depersonalization of the role of the family), diets/ eating habits (the production of 3 global cultures leads to dependence and over-concentration of land). Other economic, financial, geopolitical, and information flows (Internet addiction) factors also influence the process within the pyramid of robbery. The rights and access to natural resources such as clean water, food, and air, land, and energy are gradually taken away.

Excessive concentration of people in large cities, in ghetto districts, significantly restricts living space and alienates people from their connection with nature and access to resources. Corporate intermediaries emerge through concessions (Sofia Water Case) or hidden subsidies (coal, NPP), and that increases prices. Those intermediaries rob society and create unequal competition and monopolies and gradually plunder states by the creation of:


The big merger of concerns in 2018 further monopolized markets and flows of resources. Bayer bought Monsanto, despite attempts at EU regulation, thus showing a strong relationship between the pharmaceutical and chemical industries as well as food production. The new GMOs are just one example of industry’s attempts to mediate consumption by closing the cycle of polluting production; harmful for Nature ways of agriculture- consumption of poor-quality foods – need for medicines. The other mechanism is through the replacement of values, ​​and the suggestion or inclination towards:

Unethical consumerism – complicity in the robbery

The ethics of “cheap” products alienates consumers from the manufacturers and from the product history. Without knowing anything about working conditions, pollution, the social footprint, the user feels comfortable with “anonymous” products, as long as he/she does not have to pay extra for the high environmental or social cost that remains hidden behind the branded corporate label. In practice, he/she is an investor in a dirty business and complicit in a robbery. Being inert and neglecting the environmental destruction is obviously

a genetic glitch of humanity,

A Humanity, which continues with its self-destructive behavior, despite the information, proofs, and awareness of pesticide harm, the revelations about glyphosate and gluten in the body, the consumption of monocultures is increasing. Similar is the behavior of consumers who, for the sake of convenience, do not wish to adopt the concept of zero waste and reduce their use of plastic products, despite the awareness of the harmful effects of burning waste and the fact that plastic is suffocating not only oceans but is found even in their cooking salt.

Unethical consumers are the enslaved soldiers of unscrupulous corporations and an economy captivated by debt, inflation, rising taxes, standards, and rules that make individual freedom impossible in a highly controlled environment. A new ethic of conscious consumption with a new set of values ​​is needed.